Spray Smart.  Spray Easy.


3 Seasons strong

Ian Wilson, H. A. DAY, Greet Farm Gloucestershire, UK

“We no longer send excess chemical back to the manufacturer as we only buy the quantities we need. We were expecting the reductions in overlaps to bring slight savings in chemical applications of around 4-5%, but in reality, the savings we have seen are a minimum of 10%.”   Quoted in Arable Farming, March 2014. 

4 Seasons strong

Giles Swift, Wealden, Kent, UK

"My original objective in purchasing the SMART NOZZLE SYSTEM was to reduce the unacceptable spray overlap caused as my sprayer, an Alanco Sprayranger, had only 3 sections on a 18 m boom. Now into my 4th season we have seen our chemical use reduced by 13-14%. The initial cost of the system was recouped in less than 3 years on a 500 acre farm. An unexpected benefit  of the system was the sheer ease of use in fieeld with the SMART NOZZLE SYSTEM taking care of all the nozzle switching. Prior to the start of this season we have upgraded our system to the latest Android Tablet, this is very user friendly and the new guidance added to the system is the business! The system can be transferred fairly easily should sprayer be changed." 

5 Seasons strong

Richard Day, Wrawby, Brigg, North Lincolnshire UK

“This is our second SMART NOZZLE SYSTEM, the original system we had fi tted to a nine year old trailed Knight laser sprayer. We have a lot of irregular shaped fi elds so it is very diffi cult to avoid “double dosing” which was easy to spot in particular after liquid nitrogen applications by the Vs that we had in the fi eld. The savings on chemical, time, operator fatigue and reduced crop damage, made it an easy decision when we purchased a new Hardi Navigator 2 years ago to have the latest Android / Bluetooth SMART NOZZLE SYSTEM