Farming meets Technology

Harrison Ag Technologies is a family owned, South Dakota company with offices in Mobridge S.D., Plano Texas, Rottenburg, Germany, Brigg, UK, and Ernestia, Brazil.  Its charter is to develop and manufacture new and productive technologies for the agricultural and construction markets. 

Harrison Ag Technologies leverages its long farm history, as well as 25 years of experience in U.S. precision guided missile design, to bring the latest in technology to the farm community. 

For the past 5 years Harrison Ag Technologies has teamed with Altek International from the UK, and has had great success with the Smart Nozzle system in the highly regulated European agricultural market. The system is designed to eliminate all overlap by controlling individual nozzles of sprayers and has proven itself to be very precise and easy to use. Due to the requirement for very detailed accounting of chemical usage in Europe, it has been proven that the Smart Nozzle system can reduce chemical usage by 10-15% more than conventional section control. 

This year Harrison Ag Technologies has teamed with Graham Electric Planter to bring the advantage of the overlap and individual rate control to the planters. The Smart Nozzle software provides the precise GPS mapping and controls that is needed in precision farming. 


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  • Engineering John Harrison 
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  •  Smart Nozzle: Sprayer control system that delivers individual nozzle control for any agricultural sprayer.  
  • Graham Command: In partnership with Graham Electric Planter, the Smart Nozzle software has been updated to work with the Graham electric drives to provide individual variable rate control for planters.

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